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Celebrating 10 years

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I present to you Stars’ first blog post. In the 10 years since our inception Stars has had the privilege of teaching hundreds of children, babies and adults to swim. The blog is a platform for us to further share our knowledge and love of water, Learn to Swim, and water safety with you.

Over the coming months you can expect advice for parents and instructors about Learn to Swim, industry commentary and news around Stars Swimming School.

Again, we want to extend our thanks to the parents and swimmers who allow us to do what we love. In February 2014 Stars celebrated its 10 year anniversary, and without your commitment none of this would be possible. We thank you!

Please don’t forget to check out our new website [] and Facebook page []

Please feel free to contact me or any of the staff at Stars at if you have any questions. Your feedback is also appreciated and encouraged, and is a way for us to learn so that we can offer you the best service possible.

Happy swimming and chat soon!


t: @AneshKalan


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