Our Story


When Stars was established in February 2004, it was with a deep desire to share our love for swimming with our friends and family. Growing up around water, we quickly saw how being able to swim allowed us to have so much more fun at the beach or in the pool, and we wanted to share those great experiences with others around us so that they too could have their own water adventures.

Stars Swimming School Old Logo

Our logo from when we started out.

Early on it became apparent that much of the fun we had in the water came from the process of learning to swim. Through swimming we made friends, played water games and explored a new art form of water learning that thoroughly excited us as children. We also recognised the importance of learning to swim as a life skill, which further grounded our belief that everyone, if given the correct instruction and access, could learn to swim and enjoy the benefits of being water safe. It was obvious that we had to share this joy and knowledge, and a swimming school was the ideal platform for us to do so.

The idea to challenge ourselves, to inspire and teach others to learn to swim by creating an authentic, people-centric organisation is rooted in our own values. Stars has transcended our dream of opening Cape Town’s first 3-pool Learn to Swim centre specifically developed for teaching the fundamentals of swimming and water safety in an innovative 3-pool programme.

Today our dream has become a swim school filled with love, a place to listen and learn from our children so that we can make the best of their experiences, and an organisation that has more time for people than is expected because caring matters to us.

CAM00658At Stars we understand that our team is the foundation of the culture and values we promote. The Stars family comprises a selection of passionate individuals that are highly qualified to instruct Learn to Swim and adroit to running an organisation built around sound business fundamentals. This includes a history of provincial and national swimmers, Sport Scientists, educators and, of course, swimming enthusiast. We believe in a holistic, creative approach to our family-run business and this diversity underpins the excellence we strive for.

It is an incredible privilege to have the opportunity to create something of our own, while at the same time having fun doing what we love. We are immensely grateful for this opportunity made possible by you, and understand our responsibility to stay true to our ethos of serving others. With your support we envisage that one day we will teach every individual in Cape Town  to swim using the Stars programme. Inspired and excited, our journey has just begun.

We welcome you to the Stars Swimming School family.

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